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Quick template for pasting



Any parameter can be omitted.

  • type: The tag's generic type.
    • Suggested values: Activity, Animal, Attribute, Change, Costume, Creature, Technical, Tool.
  • subtype(X): A more specific type for the tag, as seen in the fetish listing.
    • A value for this parameter should correspond to one of the headers in the fetish listing.
  • description: The definition for the tag. A description of how/where the tag should be used.
  • note: Any notes for this tag.
  • gender: An explanation of how to know when to put this tag in the male or female namespace, if applicable.
  • taggroupid, misctaggroupid, maletaggroupid: The ID for this tag's female/misc/male tag groups (respectively) in the tag tool.
  • slavetagsnote: A note for the slave tags, usually like "with notable synonyms Something and Other".
  • example(X), maleexample(X): A URL pointing to a female/male example image.
    • While the template does not enforce sequential use of example numbers in any way, skipping numbers (especially 1) may result in an odd format.

The description, note, and gender parameters may include almost any type or format of text, including multiple lines and wiki or HTML code, so long as there aren't any disruptive strings like stray "|"s.


|description=Short gym pants, color and length may vary. 
|note=Should '''not''' be confused with the [[bloomers]] tag.
|gender=The one wearing the gymshorts decides if the tag is placed in the female or male [[namespaces|namespace]].
|description=Male version of [[schoolgirl]].
|gender=The one wearing the schoolboy uniform decides if the tag is placed in the female or male [[namespaces|namespace]]. 
::::If female, it should be used in conjunction with the [[crossdressing|female:crossdressing]] tag.
|description=The act of becoming [[pregnant]].
|note=[[Image:Point.png]] Should be obviously [[Gallery_Tagging#Usage_Guidelines|relevant to the story]], '''not''' just whenever someone ejaculates inside a woman.
:::Either [[visual]] or verbal proof is needed; verbal needs to be assertive that the character actually '''is''' pregnant, and not simply expressing a wish to become so.
|gender=The gender of the one becoming pregnant determines if the tag is placed in the female or male [[namespace]].

The results of these examples may be seen on the gymshorts and schoolboy pages respectively. I decline to reproduce the examples here so that this page does not become part of the Tag category.

Parameter Monitoring

While it would be possible to set up similar monitoring for other parameters (limited to only "defined" or "undefined"), there is less chance that it would ever be useful for those.


The type parameter's value is "monitored". This means you can see a list of the pages that use a given value for type by viewing the appropriate page below. "other" is not a specific value, but rather any value (including undefined/not set) not covered by the rest of the links.


The recognition of a tag is part of the type of the tag, unless specified otherwise a tag has Visual recognition. The "monitoring" of the recognition part of the tag type works in analogous way to the type itself where the allowed values are:

And undefined values are mapped to the same page as for the types:


The gender parameter is also monitored so that you can see where this value has and hasn't been set. This should be roughly equivalent to "this tag has versions in the Male and Female (and possibly Misc) namespaces, or not".