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Crystal vs. Morale

Current Trendline:

y = -0.0003x^2 + 2.8605x + 554.01

Power Level's Effect On Gifts

Power Level helps with the quality of the gift. Whenever a player receives a graded material, its quality is determined as such:

Gift Quality Roll = random(1..1000) + Power_Level

A roll of 500?+ is needed for medium-grade and 1500?+ for high-grade. At PL 750? low-grades will no longer be received and the chance to receive a high-grade starts at 500?. At PL 1499? the chance to receive a high-grade maxes out. PL has no effect on what gifts are received otherwise.

I removed the above section because 1) the strike-through suggests it's outdated and 2) some of it is evidently incorrect (roll of 500+ being required for mid-grade, but 750 where low grades are cut off?)

Likely what is actually the case is it's just the rolls that are wrong - likely it's a roll of 750 (maybe 751) for medium grade.