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VIP positions are delegated based on a user's expertise, diligence, and willingness to help make E-Hentai a better place. All moderators follow a chain of command from junior to senior to Tenboro. VIPs may, on a case-by-case basis, defer their judgements to non-VIPs who possess more expertise.

Name Power Forum Mod IRC Op EHWiki Admin Tag Mod Gallery Mod Additional
Grouping Vetoing Checking
Alpha 7 46 Inactive
Angaver 28
Beryl 22 Inactive
Binglo 63
blue penguin 50
chaos-x 41
Cipher-kun 38
Dammon 48 Sr. QC Mod
danixxx 47 Inactive
DGze 30
DJNoni 43
Dnkz 33
elgringo 64 Jr. Rename Mod
etothex 37 Inactive
freudia 35 JP-EN
kitsuneH 18 Inactive
Koaen 39
lestion 28
Maximum_Joe 73 Sr. Rename Mod
Mayriad 38
mdhbysut 45 Jr. QC Mod
milannews 48 Jr. QC Mod
Miles Edgeworth 51 CN-EN
Mrsuperhappy 45
MSimm1 50
nasu_sensei 39
NoNameNoBlame 34 Inactive
nonotan 44
ohmightycat 36 Inactive
pop9 76 Inactive
PrincessKaguya 45 CN-EN
Rinnosuke M. 27
Scremaz 24
Spectre 52 Sr. QC Mod
Superlatanium 51
svines85 48 Jr. NTR Mod
TheGreyPanther 61
varst 41 Sr. NTR Mod


Position Capabilities
Gallery Mod Lock galleries for administrative investigation.
NTR Mod Make judgement calls on infidelity tags.
QC Mod Make judgement calls on gallery superiority.
Rename Mod Make judgement calls on renaming.
JP-EN Heightened trust on Japanese-English translations/transliterations.
Similar positions exist for other languages.
Tag Mod - Check View any user's or gallery's tag histories.
Tag Mod - Group Group tags into slaves/masters as well as set blocks, namespaces, and aliases.
Tag Mod - Veto Downvote tags at full power. If 3 veto users downvote the same tag it is negated regardless of its power.