Dawn of a New Day

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It is the dawn of a new day!

The Dawn of a New Day (also referred to as the "New Dawn", "New Day", or "Dawn") is an event that occurs once per day after 00:00 UTC. The event is made visible by visiting any E-Hentai page (main site or the galleries) and is located in the ad space at the top of the page.


During this event:

  • Players are awarded Hath, EXP, and credits.
    • This will not occur until the event is triggered by the player.
  • Toplist calculations are made (takes ~1 minute).
  • Arena and Ring of Blood challenge cooldowns reset. Being in the middle of one does not affect this.
  • The timer for the next Random Encounter resets; the next encounter cannot be triggered until 30 min. after the dawn event was.
  • The Lottery drawing for the weapon occurs and a new one begins.


  • EXP: 5% of the required EXP for next level.
    • Capped at 100,000,000,000.
    • Leveling up via this EXP is not automatic and requires the user to visit the HentaiVerse.
  • Credits: Randomly between 200-400 if the player is "active" on the forums (by forum posting at least once per 30 days), otherwise a negligible amount (~10). Plus any bonuses from Stars and Awards.
  • GP: Based on Stars plus useful comments made within the last 30 days.
    • Comments must be at least 100 characters to qualify and only the "best" comment per day counts. Capped at 20 comments.
  • Hath: Based on Stars plus any Awards.

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