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In order to get a custom banner, users must donate enough to the site to reach at least Catgirl level and send it as a PM to Tenboro.

  • Image format must be PNG/APNG, 150x26 pixels.
User Icon
aeridus foxboy.png
ask1123 42769 catgirlkkk.png
atomicpuppy 2328 catgirl.png
binglo 243587 catcow.png
Einst·Alchimie 1168408 catgirl.png
EsotericSatire 384226 catgirl.png
FLCLocust 173181 dashie.png
homicidalsage catgirl3.png
HTTP/308 catgirl 501.png
Ichy 126396 catgirl.png
jenga201 940068 catgirl.png
MidNightPass 565719 catgirl.png
pocky00 203905 catgirl.png
RoadShoe 2638496 catgirl.png
Sesshomaru Moon 13641 decastar.png
Setebos 195991 catgirl.png
skillchip 9984 catgirl.png
Sonic 32752 catgirl.png
StonyCat 932943 catgirl.png
t15 822761 catgirl.png
tazmanian devil 1156542 catgirl.png
tenchi20 15279 catgirl.png
thx1 475069 catgirl.png
VriskaSerket 106990 catgirl.png
wannaf 823796 catgirl.png
YudeSP catgirl2.png
港湾棲姫 702197 catgirl.png

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