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These are competitions that take place on the E-Hentai Forums.

Users take a Photoshop template and create a banner to be used on the main E-hentai site for the following month.

  • Open to all users.
    • Judges may make submissions but cannot vote within any contest in which they do so.
  • Occurs once per month.
  • Contests close by the 25th of the current month.


  • Use the banner template found here.
  • No male characters.
  • Absolutely no nudity.
  • Partially exposed lolicon characters due to convenient censoring or cropping are not allowed either.
  • NOTHING (characters, shadows, backgrounds, accessories, et al) may end or be cropped on/at the left or right sides.
    • Accepting banners that exceed the the horizontal text recommendation will be at the discretion of the judges during voting.
    • Banners that move the text vertically will be disqualified.
  • Characters must either be from the same series (preferably in the same art style) or must be connected by a theme (e.g. catgirls, Christmas, colour scheme, etc.)
  • Do not obscure the E-H logo in any significant way.
  • Banners must be linked in PNG format, preferably as a forum attachment.
  • Each user may only submit one banner; only the first one posted in the thread will be counted.
    • Resubmissions of previous entries is not permitted.


  • 3/5/7 banners can be chosen as winners.
    • If more than 5 are selected the excess will each receive the 5th place prize.
  • Rewards 100 to 20 Hath depending on ranking.