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This guy

Playing on battletoads already gives you a +500 bonus to the loot roll in addition to a 4x bonus to the monster stat calculations for loot quality on mobster drops(...)

Well, Cake has a "loot factor" of 0.2, Easy has 0.5. Normal has 1.0, and from there it increases slowly to 2.0 for Battletoads. The entire loot quality equation is basically multiplied by this factor, so a loot quality bonus of +1000 on Normal would be reduced to +200 on Cake.

Well the higher arena challenges aren't supposed to be trivial, seeing as the final one will have a +100% chance of dropping equipment with +1000 bonus to the loot quality roll. (May 1 2009)

-- 1st place: Platinum Ticket (Trophy, +2500 loot quality) -- 2nd/3rd place: Golden Ticket (Trophy, +2000 loot quality) -- 4th/5th place: Silver Ticket (Trophy, +1500 loot quality) -- 6th/7th place: Bronze Ticket (Trophy, +1000 loot quality)

Correct. Mysterious Boxes actually had +5000, but the Platinum Tickets match the currently highest trophy bonuses from the HV itself. (Noodly Appendage, presumed).

- The round loot quality bonus has been capped at round 50

Playing on easier difficulty ratings now places a significant penalty on the loot quality bonus normally given for reaching higher rounds, as well as on how many credits you gain from a battle

- Consumables now drop at a rate of 50% health, 30% mana, 10% spirit, 4% scroll, 4% infusion, 1% elixirs and 1% "special"

Well. For quality, you do a roll between 1 and 1000. The loot quality bonus is simply added to that. When it has rolled to see what type of consumable you get, it uses the loot quality to look up what tier of item you get. If you get a restorative, you'd need a quality of 1300 or more to get a Godly potion, which means that to even have a chance of reaching that you'd need a 1500+ base bonus just to have a chance of getting it on Cake - which is a very high bonus. For an hourly encounter it is base 250, and the "round bonus" caps at +500.

Luck of the Draw helps a bit of course, in the example above you'd "just" need +1200 with capped luck. But generally, you won't see many Godlies in cake, since you'd need a fairly high bonus from the monster itself to reach it.

-- Scavenger: Increases the base loot drop chance by 1%. Fully trained gives a 50% bonus to loot drop chance. -- Luck of the Draw: Increases the applied loot quality bonus by 1%. Fully trained gives a 25% increase to the loot quality bonus. -- Quartermaster: Increases the base equipment drop chance by 5%. Fully trained gives a 100% bonus to equipment drop rate. (Which isn't saying that Equipment will drop 100% of the time, but twice as often.) -- Archaeologist: Increases the base artifact drop chance by 10%. Fully trained gives a 100% bonus to artifact drop rate. (See above.)