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Season timelines

Isekai will run as half-year seasons, starting on Longest Night (the winter solstice, usually December 21st or 22nd) and ending on Longest Day (the summer solstice, usually June 20th or 21st), and vice versa.

Early bird period

From the start of each season until the end of that month, to give players a bit of a boost, there is an "Early Bird" period where equipment drop rates and stamina regeneration is doubled.

Last spurt mode

During the last month of the season (that is, June/December, or the final 20-22 days) Isekai will enter the "Last Spurt" mode. While in this mode, you can make five attempts at The Tower per day. Mooglemail attachments are also completely disabled.

When the season ends, your current ISK balance as well as the total ISK sell value of your item/equipment inventory will be added together. The first 1 million ISK will be transferred to the next Isekai season. The remainder will be transferred as actual Credits to your main HV/EH account.

Isekai 2021 Season 1 Schedule

Start: 2021-01-09 09:00 UTC

Early Bird Ends: 2021-01-19 23:59 UTC

Last Spurt Starts: 2021-06-01 00:00 UTC

End of Season: 2021-06-21 09:00 UTC