Differences with Persistent HentaiVerse

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  • Special events like the Easter Event and the Loot & Harvest Festival only run on Persistent.
  • Training, the Item Bot, the Lottery and the Monster Lab are not available.
  • Monsters are copied over from Persistent at the start of each season. Monster food, chaos tokens and crystals have no use and do not drop. Monster wins are currently not recorded.
  • Artifact and Collectible drops are replaced with high-grade and rare/special upgrade materials at a rate of 80/20.
  • Salvaging returns 3 low-grade materials for Superior, and 2 mid-grade materials for Exquisite.
  • Forge upgrades do not require bindings.
  • There are no stamina recovery items, so play will be limited by the available stamina.
  • The regular equipment inventory is limited to 200, but everyone can place 1000 equipment in storage.
  • Donator bonuses, trainings, hath perks and toplist bonuses do not apply. The EXP bonus on Isekai is fixed to 500% to speed things up considering the restricted timespan and stamina.
  • Titles, title bonuses and title skills are disabled.
  • When someone pays you CoD on a MoogleMail, this is not added to your ISK balance until you visit the MoogleMail inbox page. (You will get a popup.)
  • Item world potency gain is higher. Nightmare and up has three times the gain compared to Persistent, while Normal and Hard have the same gain as Nightmare.
  • Soul fusing cost is halved.
  • The randomly encounter-able boss-tier non-player monsters ("schoolgirls" and friends) have half their ordinary HP.

Hath perks and training

  • The following two hath perks are ENABLED for EVERYONE; all other perks are DISABLED
    • Follower of Snowflake
    • Innate Arcana V
  • The following trainings are MAXED for EVERYONE; all other trainings are DISABLED:
    • Scolar of War (scroll slots)
    • Tincture (infusion slots)
    • Pack Rat (battle inventory slots)
    • Hoarder (equipment storage)
    • Scavenger (drop rate)
    • Quartermaster (equipment drop rate)
    • Luck of the Draw (rare equipment rate)
    • Archaeologist ( upgrade material drop rate), and is 300% rather than 100% (effectively double droprate).
  • The Ability Boost (ability points) and Manifest Destiny (mastery points) trainings are maxed to your current level, and add +1 AP per level and +1 MP per 50 levels.